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  1. BLUGUITAR TWINCAB / 2x12" Closed Speakercabinet

    BLUGUITAR TWINCAB / 2x12" Closed Speakercabinet

    Its compact design and light weight of less than 20 kg enables convenient transport with only one hand. Configured for horizontal or vertical operation with rotatable logo, this compact 2x12“ cabinet is an ideal partner for the BluGuitar® AMP1, lunchbox amps and “classic“ 100w heads.

    TWINCAB can be operated in both mono and stereo with its tonality characterized by accurate bass, warm and full mids, as well as soft highs with balanced frequency projection. The closed back design with two bass reflex openings at the front give the cabinet extra low end response while the basket weave front cloth works like a filter that reduces harshness ensuring silky high frequencies. Depending on the way of operation you get two different sound characters featuring either more bass or mids. 
    The "BG-12 Special Speaker" speaker specifically developed for the TWINCAB is harmoniously tuned to the reinforced birch multiplex housing.
    TWINCAB comes complete with a robust, padded protective cover. 


  2. BLUGUITAR AMP1 Iridium Edition / 4 channel 100w Nano-Tube Guitar Amplifier BLUGUITAR AMP1 Iridium Edition / 4 channel 100w Nano-Tube Guitar Amplifier

    BLUGUITAR AMP1 Iridium Edition / 4 channel 100w Nano-Tube Guitar Amplifier


    Three independent, discrete OVERDRIVE channels deliver rich and tight distortion sounds that can be changed in gain structure and timbre. Each of these channels offers different attack, response and dynamics. The CLEAN channel with its massive headroom and treble reserves gives even mid-heavy humbuckers transparent, sparkling clean sounds.

    MODERN – With its extremely high gain reserves, this channel delivers crystal-clear string separation through a massive low-cut, and the Custom Control TONE knob lets you dial from a “cut thru the mix” solo sound to the typical “maximum brutality” mid scoop.

    CLASSIC – Due to the hard distortion characteristics and the specially tuned bass filter, this channel is percussive and significantly wider and harder in the mid-range than VINTAGE. The mid-range can be shaped by the Custom Control TONE from “Hot Rodded British High Gain” to “German wall of sound“.

    VINTAGE – Tight and mid-emphasized woody sounds that are transmitted tightly especially using extreme low tunings while delivering creamy mid- range distortion.

    CLEAN – Massive headroom thanks to the 100 watt power amp and treble reserves, which give even mid-emphasized humbuckers a transparent, sparkling clean sound. Optimal platform for pedals like shimmer reverb, modulation or delay.


    The AMP1™ Iridium Edition features an adjustable gain/boost function that is placed in front of all four channels like a pedal, as well as a metal-essential, high-efficiency noise gate with three different levels of sensitivity.

    BOOST – Use the custom control knob to adjust the amount of gain. It has a moderate mid hump to give cleaner sounds more definition, or to give overdriven sounds more gain without turning muddy.

    Cranked all the way up, it will sound more like an overdriven preamp or a Tube Screamer, giving you even richer tones for creamy yet tight overdrive sounds.

    NOISE GATE – The Noise Gate offers three positions:

    METAL: Extremely fast and hard. High gain playing and staccato riffs become sharper, and palm muted parts clean up with no unwanted noise.

    OFF: In this position, the noise gate is deactivated.

    SOFT: In this position the Noise Gate is extremely sensitive and responds to the lowest signals, so the quietest nuances are still audible without being cut off.


    The loudspeaker simulation of the AMP1™ Iridium Edition is analog and is voiced specially for metal sounds. A special Current Feedback creates an authentic tube amp feel with punch and bite.

    In order to realize even more authentic loudspeaker simulations, "IR" (impulse responses) are also often used. To do this, the internal (analog) speaker simulation of the AMP1™ Iridium Edition can be turned off, so you can use the impulse responses of your favorite cabinet.


  3. BLUGUITAR AMP X  Neural Analog Programmable Nano-Tube-GuitarAmplifier / 100W

    BLUGUITAR AMP X Neural Analog Programmable Nano-Tube-GuitarAmplifier / 100W

    BLUGUITAR AMP X : The future of guitar amplification

    With four decades of being a sound designer, BluGuitar owner Thomas Blug came up with the idea of creating an all analog Nanotube™ guitar amp design that is fexible enough to (re)-create any amp that he could think of - those that have excited us in the past as well as any ideas that might come in the futue.

    With this in mind, Thomas and his team developed the gound-breaking Neural Analog Amp™ design, which offers the capab...ility to edit and save analog circuit parameters at a component level - like a „virtual soldering iron“ for analog amp tuning, using a state-of-the-art 8-core processor.

    Combined with BluGuitar’s 100 watts Nanotube™ power amp stage, wouldn’t this be the most powerful guitar amplifier ever

    IMAGINE ...
    ... a collection of the best tube amps of all time, in fully analog original quality, united in a single device.

    IMAGINE ...
    ... you could freely combine these amps with all your favorite effects (analog, digital, mono, stereo) and an extensive speaker collection (based on IRs, with great dynamics) and store them in presets.

    IMAGINE ...
    ... a huge online library of vintage amps. You'd find rare classics, priceless boutique amps, and unique sounds that you can transfer to your amp at any time.

    IMAGINE ...
    ... your whole guitar rig shrinks down to just one pedal-sized device.




  4. HOT
    Guild BT-258 Deluxe 8-string Baritone Guild BT-258 Deluxe 8-string Baritone

    Guild BT-258 Deluxe 8-string Baritone

    The BT-258E Deluxe 8-string Baritone offers a melodic layering of low-end harmony for enchanting , harp like sound. Combining Guild's historically large jumbo body shape and their legacy of pressed back construction, the BT-258E Deluxe boasts a deep, full-frequency baritone voice complemented by two octave strings for added sparkle. the arched rosewood back projects whole low-frequencies, while the solid spruce top ensures the high-frequency octave strings blend in gorgeously for a symphonic tone. The low end is great for playing in an ensemble or for playing standalone. This 8-string baritone is tuned B-E-a-A-d-D-F#-B, five steps down from a standard guitar. Deluxe appointments include rosewood back and sides, bound neck and body, Fishman GT-1 pickup system, and a perfectly glossed polyurethane finish.

    Adviesverkoopprijs : € 649,-




  5. HOT
    Starfire I Jet90 / Satin Gold Starfire I Jet90 / Satin Gold

    Starfire I Jet90 / Satin Gold

    Roaring to the lead of the pack comes an all-new contender: the Starfire I Jet90. Born from the iconic Guild models of yesteryear and raised with rebellious, free-spirited individuality, the Starfire I Jet90 combines the classic Starfire body shape with the slick, rugged aesthetic of Guild’s vintage 6 in-line headstock. Three Guild Franz P90 pickups anchored to a chambered mahogany center block have this baby primed for everything from crisp, vintage jazz tones to open-throttle overdrive. The six-way rotary switch allows players to dial in their preferred P90 combination for the right amount of bite to any riff, while switch position indicator pins (in the style of 1950’s Guilds) help keep the player on track. The Starfire I Jet90 comes equipped with a Guild Vibrato Tailpiece and Tune-o-matic bridge for added tonal expression and range of playability. Comes in satin black, satin white, and satin gold top. Adviesverkoopprijs : € 649,-

  6. HOT
    Starfire I DC / Emerald Green Starfire I DC / Emerald Green

    Starfire I DC / Emerald Green

    Guild’s most iconic electric guitar is now available to a whole new range of players. Expanding on the double cut body shape made famous by the Guild Starfire, the Starfire I DC features semi-hollow body construction utilizing a mahogany center block for reduced feedback and clear sustain. Retaining the airy, crisp tone you would expect from a semi-hollow body, The Cherry Starfire I DC features an elegantly arched mahogany top, back, and sides; while the Vintage Walnut, Pelham Blue, and Emerald Green models feature an elegantly arched maple top, back, and sides. The 24 3/4” scale length and modern thin “U“ neck profile provide a fast, smooth playing neck, while the 18th fret neck-to-body joint provides easy access to the upper register of the fretboard. Premium Guild Vintage 18 tuners with 18:1 gear ratio and Tune-o-matic bridge ensure the strings are accessible and in tune. Rich, vintage tone is injected by Guild’s own HB-2 Alnico II humbuckers, and the push-pull coil splitting feature allows for singing, single coil tones from either pickup. All of these features come standard on the Starfire I platform. Available in Cherry Red or Vintage Walnut finish. For those looking for something a little extra, the Starfire I DC GVT comes equipped with Guild’s vibrato tailpiece featuring a roller tension bar for additional tonal versatility. Available in Pelham Blue or Emerald Green.

    Adviesverkoopprijs : € 599


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